SKYCORP Technologies Secures €305,000 in Pre-seed Funding to revolutionise emergency response with hydrogen drones.

Tartu, 11.12.2023 – SKYCORP Technologies, an aerospace company at the forefront of developing and manufacturing hydrogen drones and related infrastructure for long-endurance applications, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its Pre-seed funding round. The company has secured €305,000 to accelerate the commercialisation of its Generation 2 e-Drone Zero hydrogen drone and to bolster the expansion of its operations in 2024.

The Pre-seed round was led by prominent investors Destiny Energy and Baltic Sandbox Ventures, along with the notable participation of Syda Ventures and angel investor Artur Dianov. This investment marks a significant milestone in SKYCORP Technologies journey, allowing the company to further advance its cutting-edge technology and establish a dominant presence in the emerging hydrogen drone market.

SKYCORP Technologies was founded with the mission to transform the way industries approach aerial operations, by providing a sustainable, long-endurance solution powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. The Gen2 e-Drone Zero, will offer numerous advantages over conventional drone technology, including significantly extended flight times, reduced environmental impact, and the capability to serve a wide range of commercial and non-commercial applications.

The applications of SKYCORP Technologies hydrogen drones are diverse, spanning critical use-cases such as emergency response, surveillance, inspection, and disaster response. By harnessing the power of hydrogen, SKYCORP Technologies empowers industries to achieve greater efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility.

"I am delighted to announce this successful Pre-seed funding round, which represents a pivotal moment for SKYCORP Technologies," said Marek Alliksoo, CEO and Co-founder of SKYCORP Technologies. "With the support of our esteemed investors, we are well-positioned to bring our hydrogen drones to market, driving innovation and sustainability in various industries. Hydrogen represents the dawn of a new era in aerial capabilities, and we're on the frontline of this revolution.”

Mr Vijay Sirse, the Founder and CEO of Destiny Energy, one of the lead investors, stated, "We are proud to be part of SKYCORP Technologies' journey to reshape the drone industry. The potential for hydrogen drones is immense and we see them as a fantastic fit to inspecting and protecting our distributed renewable energy sites in Baltics and Asia.”

Erik Bhullar, Partner at Baltic Sandbox Ventures, added, "Choosing to co-lead the round in SKYCORP Technologies is about more than investing in cutting-edge tech — it's about endorsing a paradigm shift. It's about understanding that when you combine hydrogen-powered drones with an audacious vision led by a deeply committed and innovative team, you're on the cusp of changing the rules of the game. Their story is one of a brighter, cleaner, and more connected future; and we're here for it.”

About SKYCORP Technologies:

SKYCORP Technologies is a forward-thinking climate-conscious company dedicated to developing and manufacturing hydrogen drones and related infrastructure. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, SKYCORP Technologies’ cutting-edge technologies are designed to revolutionise aerial and ground-based operations across various industries, including emergency response, surveillance and inspection, and disaster response. The company's flagship product, the Generation 2 multirotor hydrogen drone, offers extended flight times of up to 120 minutes, improved workflow with refuelling in just minutes including off-grid capability, a 10x reduced environmental footprint even when compared to battery drones, on-board computing to increase safety, whilst supporting AI and other on-board processing capabilities making it a game-changer in the drone industry.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact: info@skycorp.tech